Get to know us!

Growlab is Mads Pålsrud and Tabea Glahs, a design studio established in 2012 in Oslo, Norway. The studio was created with an aim to work towards more liveable and sustainable cities. Our core competencies range from consulting and communicating sustainable strategies, initiating and supporting urban grassroots movements, as well as involving and empowering communities through inclusive design processes, tools and actions. We work with a large network of local and international professionals in order to explore and create the city of tomorrow.


Kulturhistorisk Museum

Bjørvika Utvikling




Norges Bondelag


Fylkesmannen i Buskerud

Fylkesmannen i Oslo og Akershus



Nettverk for Bærekraftig Mat i Oslo


Mathallen i Oslo



Public Space

We believe that the streets and spaces in a city have potential far beyond mobility and consumption. When public space is facilitated in the best way, it fosters creativity, life and happy people.


Our city embraces humans, plants, animals and insects. In the core of this, Urban Farming and Food Culture are essential. Not only to bring us closer to nature, but also to make our bodies active, our food healthier and to create social meeting points that cross cultures, ages and backgrounds.


A city consists of people, neighbourhoods and communities. We facilitate spaces and experiences where people can meet and connect in order to create their vision of a better city together (and for one another).

Open Source

Sharing is caring! In our city people are informed and empowered, and willing to share what they have and know. This is a reason why Growlab is open source — we are sharing our tools and recipes with you to spread our idealism.

Sustainable Initiatives

The future city exists within, and between all of us. It is important that good ideas become visible, shared and made into reality. Mutual support is hereby essential.