People, people, people

Growlab is a design studio established in 2015 in Oslo, Norway. The studio is run by Mads Pålsrud and Tabea Glahs and was created with an aim to work towards more liveable and diverse cities. Our work starts from a local context and the challenges and opportunities we find here. We design methods and tools for engaging with and including users and experts throughout the design process. This is essential in order to create great design for the good of people which is as important to us as empowering people to bring about positive change to their own lives.

Prototype everything

We believe in quick&awesome. In order to save (your) money, we prototype and test potential. Our prototypes can be made from basically anything and last just a couple of minutes or for several years. When used in context, they always provide insights which can grow better outcomes (or can be outcomes in themselves).

Thanks to our clients, neighbours and passers-by

And thanks to some of our great collaborators

Food Studio / Futurefarmers / Kinfolk Magazine / Kore Majobo / Oslo National Academy of the Arts / Restaurant Day / NIBIO / Alex Asensi / Torbjørn Larssen / Cecilie Dawes  / Eva De Moor / Maziar Raein / Sanneke Duijf / Xueting Yang / Herbanists