A Temporary Urban Festival Farm

The Øya Festival is Norway’s largest music festival and takes place every August in Oslo. For over 10 years Øya has had a focus on the environmental impact of their food, and are today serving food with over 90% organic ingredients. Growlab was asked to help them communicate their efforts around food in an engaging way. Our response was Øya Bygård – a small-scale urban farm which hosted a social program and created a relaxed atmosphere for people to hang out and enjoy their festival food.

For the project we made an own small website in Norwegian with more information and documentation of the project, as well as literature and resources on sustainable food production.

Installation | Social program | Garden | Website

The farm itself consisted of four small-scale architectural installations, representing each a different theme of the ecological cycle: soil, farm, enjoy and waste. Each day, during the 4-day long festival, a different guest visited and held a workshop. For Soil we investigated seaweed as a fertiliser together with a scientist. For Farming we invited a biodynamic farmer to share his knowledge and discuss modern food production. For the day of Enjoying we hosted a fermentation taste and making workshop, and for Waste we had chickens visiting who converted the festival left-over food into excellent fertiliser. Through participating in workshops and hanging out at the farm, visitors got glimpses and inspiration of what organic food production means and took simple DIY / DIT recipes back home. Find the recipes in our market section here.




12th-15th of August 2015, Oslo


The Øya Festival


Kirsty McKinnon, scientist at NIBIO

Pierre Sachet from the farm Alm Østre

Eva De Moor and Britt Kornum from Food Studio

Annikken Rustad Jøssund, chicken enthusiast


Svein Gunnar Kjøde

Growlab Oslo