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Soil Procession – The First Soil

In 2015 Futurefarmers invited 50 farmers to donate a piece of their land to the Ancient Grainfield that will grow on Losæter. This soil became the very foundation of the project both symbolically and physically. To the sound of drums, tractor engines and donkey hoves, we marched in a procession from the Botanical Gardens in Oslo, through Grønland and down to Bjørvika. Here a ground building ceremony was held, and a document framing the place as a commons was signed by politicians, artists and farmers. After this followed workshops and a lovely dinner by Food Studio.

Together with Future Farmers, we were responsible for the project coordination and event production.

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Through the Tandoor

Høsten 2018 ble det installert en tandoorovn i Bakehuset, og vi avholdt et bakearrangement som del av et tredagers innvielsesprogram Through the Tandoor. Bakere fra forskjellige baketradisjoner og nasjonaliteter i Oslo ble invitert til å bake i tandoorovnen, og i de andre ovnene. Publikum smakte og spiste seg igjennom mange titalls nanbrød og andre typer bakverk, fylt med krydder og annet fyll, dyppet i smakfulle sauser eller i honning. TIl slutt leste kunstner Sarah Kazmi opp en tekst basert på oppskrifter og handlekvitteringer. Den reflektere på mange måter de ulike reisene og historiene som ligger bak menneskene som var tilstede og brødene som hadde blitt til denne dagen.

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Bakehouse Workshop

The core of the project in Bjørvika is a bakehouse which is open for anyone to use. In 2013 we co-facilitated a workshop to explore the possible form and function of this house. The participants were given various tasks to dream about the bakehouse, how it would look like and how it might facilitate for a diversity of citizens. In the end, participants shaped their concepts in dough and baked them in the temporary oven.

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Potato Planet

In 2014 we planted a circular potato field at Losæter with potatoes from the Nordic Gene Bank, donated by Linda Jolly at Hengsenga. The field was planted during a Full Moon Gathering in a collective effort between locals and visitors. In the autumn the potatoes were harvested and made into potato flatbread (the recipe came from Mads grandmother!). Together with potato soup, the flatbread was served during a public harvest event organised by us. Oslo Apiary and Aviary contributed with delicious honey mead.

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Client: Bjørvika Utvikling, Flatbread Society

Place and Time: Oslo, 2013 - ongoing

Team: Growlab Oslo, Future Farmers

Delivery: Community work, event production, project coordination, self-initiated projects, public engagement

Photo credits: Svein Gunnar Kjøde & Growlab Oslo